Holy charity confounds all diabolical and fleshly temptations and all fleshly fears.
Saint Francis
Totally love Him who gave Himself totally out of love for you.
Saint Clare
A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.
Saint Francis
You can show your love to others by not wishing they were better Christians.
Saint Francis
Love Him totally, who gave Himself totally for your love.
Saint Clare


Welcome to the website for the Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion.

Historically, Saint Francis of Assisi was called by God to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, and so "build up the Church, which was spiritually falling into decay". We are a Third Order of Saint Francis for laity and clerics, for single and married people of both sexes, rooted in the tradition of which blessed Lechesio and his wife, Bonadonna, a married couple from the city of Poggibonsi, was formally established in the year 1221.

Saint Francis recognized that many people living in the world were not called to a literal observance of the vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience, but to a life lived in the spirit of these evangelical counsels. He encouraged the formation of the Third Order to enable men and women to follow Jesus Christ amid their duties in everyday life under the promises of simplicity, purity, and fidelity to the love of God and their neighbor.

Like all Religious Orders, the Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion possesses an official Rule put forth by authority and interpreted by its Constitution. We have a system of organization, government, and discipline under the direction of legitimate authority. We maintain a recognized postulancy, novitiate, and professed status for its membership and we invest our members with an authorized religious habit, while conferring on its members many spiritual benefits.

Throughout history, the Franciscan Third Order members have produced many great saints and servants of God. It is our hope that these pages will help you to better discern and respond to God’s call in your life. If you are questioning a vocation for yourself, feel free to reach with your questions.

Your servant in Christ,

Br. Seraphim Mary, OSF
Minister General
Franciscan order of the Divine Compassion


In such a trouble time, so many in our world are searching for a deeper meaning. Come, visit with us here and see if our Franciscan way of Life may be a vocation you are called to, that you may strengthen your walk with our Lord Jesus.

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Franciscans are known for work, study, and prayer. Within this portion of our website, we share with prayers and Psalms that hope you will find fits a need you may have. Come, enter in and share a prayer with us.

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Our Order in Action

Franciscans are known for working in the community, helping the disenfranchised, the hurting, neighbors that are  in our community by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by sharing our Love.

Come visit and see some of the ministries work our Brothers and Sisters are active in.

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St. Francis of Assisi, born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone was the son of a wealthy Italian merchant, who through the call of God became the founder of the men's Order of Friars Minor, the women's Order of St. Clare, the Third Order of St. Francis and the Custody of the Holy Land. The Catholic Order grew to have a global following of Brothers and Sisters.

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